About Us

Elmhouse Training is a private training provider delivering quality training throughout the Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham borough & coming to north London Easter 2017. Established in 2008, we specialise in Childcare, Early Years and Teaching assistant courses. We also offer courses such as Hairdressing, Barbering, Radio Broadcasting, Nail services and Business Administration. Elmhouse Trainings’ ability to create and developing networks and partnerships have been a key part to the success of our students and the organisation.

Elmhouse Training Ltd also works with children centers and larger colleges that want to reach students outside their catchment area, to enable their training to be delivered in communities that they would not usually have access to.

Elmhouse Training has over 20 Years of experience in training. We are registered with a variety of awarding bodies and aim to be registered with more as we develop as an organisation.

Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to ensure that each person who completes a course with our company leaves with a new insight to learning, new skills and new knowledge allowing them to step forward confidently into whatever journey they begin next. We work to develop partnerships with our students and enable them to create their own success that will eventually give them financial independence

Elmhouse Training is an organisation which understands the importance of training and development. When a person decides to begin a journey into education with our company we see it as out duty to ensure that they obtain all the skills they require. We know that education is not just a theory, it is about learning holistically and we pride ourselves on making sure that we give each student their own individual experience and give them the tools they need to grow and develop.

Our Strategic aims:

  • To give each student access to education in a safe, secure and enabling environment
  • To equip each of them with the skills they need as an individual
  • Assist in the transition from education to work or higher education
  • To develop strong community networks and partnerships to ensure the longevity of our company and opportunities available to our students

To constantly adapt our courses and course content to make sure our students have the best possible learning experience, which will enable them to create a successful future.

Elmhouse Training is a unique company because of the results that we achieve. As an organisation, we have a 95% + success rate for completion and employment. We recognize that everyone is unique and have different goals, therefore learning cannot be the same for each person. Elmhouse Training makes sure that the needs of all students are met, ensuring that they are successful on their learning journey.

Elmhouse Training delivers Level 1 to level 6 courses in a variety of options; our classes are run at flexible hours to cater to all lifestyles such as working families or learners who have childcare responsibilities. A variety of our courses are also available on weekends.

If you need help in education whether it is because you have not been in education for a long period or because you need to update your knowledge we will do our best to meet your needs. We are an honest hard working company that encourages people to reach goals that they want and those they did not think possible.


When studying for your future you need to ensure that you choose the course for the right reasons. Elmhouse Training can help you to make this decision.

Open Mind

Training is a process of learning, unlearning and developing. Elmhouse Training always encourage our learners to approach training with an open mind to ensure you learn all that you can while on programme.

Training + Development

This is a process, remember anything worth having requires hard work and one thing we know is training and development is hard work.

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