Renting our Facilities 

Are you looking for a space to do some staff training? Workshops?  With an ideal location and great facilities, our Tulse Hill Centre has 2 larges rooms which can accomodate all of your needs. We will look after everything you need to make the most productive use of your time. You will have our Internet access throughout the building as well as other services. .

Flexible Training Room Layouts

The flexible arrangements we offer with our training rooms mean you can have them set up to suit exactly what you want to do. They’re all on the ground floor so they’re easy to access and all have access to internet and multimedia resources

Facilities and Assistance

Our affordable training rooms comme with lots of great extras included in the price. Our free Wi-Fi is always popular and we’ll also provide you with flipcharts, whiteboards and the marker pens that go with them.

We make sure there are plenty of biscuits in our training rooms in case you get hungry and we’ll also supply free tea, coffee and water. 

Outside Office Hours

It can be easy, during the day to find training rooms, London can be surprisingly quiet in the evenings. At Elmhouse Training, we have evening training rooms for hire until 8:30 at night, and we’re also open at the weekends.

We do our best to fit around what’s important to you!

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Inclusive Services

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